Junior Prom

Secret Princess Garden

My favorite picture out of the bunch! ^




We also went in a huge girl group after we took the pics at the garden! I can’t seem to find the pictures for some reason…


Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset

Quick iPhone snapshot– hence the blurryness haha!




Hey friends!

I thought I’d share some photos of when I went to Jr. Prom with my friends Adeline and Allison. It was such a fun day for me, but I have to admit my favorite part was dressing up and taking pictures, LOL. We went to the Municipal Garden in San Jose, and it was so, so crowded!! The water fountain in the middle of the park had like no walking space midday so we decided to take pictures outside of the gates in this little brick cubby, where no one even looked. I am so glad we did though because they ended up being my favorite ones!

My cousin Vivien actually took these photos and edited them for us, so I was so thankful for her; she was amazing, and I’m probably going to ask her to take it again for me this year for Senior Ball! It was so much fun to pose in pretty dresses… It’s true that they say you feel like a princess on prom night 🙂

You can probably guess that I didn’t go with a date– I was actually really sad about that at first, but I knew there was no one close enough to me that I’d mind going with. I’d hate having to spend my night sticking to someone I wan’t fully comfortable around. We still danced and went out for breakfast at IHOP after at 1 AM, and I’m so so glad I still decided to go! This year, I’m going to go just with my girlfriends again, but I am already ecstatic to get ready for the big night. We’re going on a yacht on the San Francisco Bay!! I’m trying to find my dream dress, but as of now, no luck at all. I’m not sure if I’m down for a two piece, but I definitely want a dark color. The dress I have on in the photos are from Flirt by Maggie Soterro on promgirl.com, by the way. I also have so many more pictures, so you could imagine how long it took me to just pick out a few!! Although I’m already in love with the dress and these photos, I’m going to be cheesy and end with hoping that one day, my prince will come.

Aline xx


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