Big Sur

27975808881_9c0986e57f_oIMG_262827975797871_dd74d5915d_o27975811321_30686ed81f_oNepenthe Resturant

IMG_724127975815541_dbcc081112_o28018761116_202ddef6a3_oOutdoor bar area at Nepenthe

IMG_252327772483600_8dd5381f28_o27439512614_243207e58e_oIMG_1301Panorama from my first trip to Big Sur!! One of my favorite pictures ever.

This is my second time visiting Big Sur, and it still did not disappoint. I begged my family to come with me for my 18th birthday, and it was so much fun!! We did the usual sightseeing overlooking the infamous mermaid lagoon like beach, but we also decided to eat at the iconic, family-owned Nepenthe, an “eatery perched on a Big Sur cliffside offering California fare & a terrace with breathtaking views.” It indeed was gorgeous, especially with the decorative brick walls, flowers, and colorful pillows. I had a delicious vegetarian burger that I wanted to savor forever. I think I’m so in love with this little village not only because of the amazing views of the Pacific, but also because of the way everything is decorated. All the inns and hotels are covered in plants, and everything looks as if it were a world for woodland fairies. Big Sur is the best place in the entire Central Coast for a fun day off without a doubt! All in all, it was a perfect day to restore my peace of mind during this crazy Spring Break & I was glad I was able to spend such a special day with my family….



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