San Francisco & Half Moon Bay

28053125285_f607ae2566_oJust LOOK at the Golden Gate Bridge!!! Heart eyes!

27772470390_0b03930957_o27439166963_accf82fe48_oPainted Ladies

IMG_2951Lands End looking down at the Labyrinth

IMG_7245Twin Peaks

28053130665_747c24efbd_oIMG_293327439176343_70d7a5569a_oHalf Moon Bay

IMG_724228053135015_b8c5a006bc_oLook how cute my parents are taking a selfie!!! haha


I used to hate going to San Francisco as a kid because it was always so cold up north. However, with time, I’ve finally been able to appreciate the vast amount of things to do in such a compacted city; today, we went to a ton of touristy spots such as the Painted Ladies (fun fact: a row of Victorian houses that appeared in the opening credits of the television series Full House), Lands End, the Labyrinth, and Twin Peaks. Yes, I still hated that it was under 70 degrees, but at least the fog was blocking too much of our view! Along our way home, we made a pit stop at Half Moon Bay to play on the beach and take a hike in the chilly (actually freezing) air.  I have so many more spots in SF bookmarked on my Yelp so it wouldn’t be a surprise if I decided to post about this city again soon. 🙂


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