Bruin Day


Bruin Day!!!! Leaving for SoCal, I was so scared truly experiencing the vibe there for the first time (I visited UCLA once during summer 2015, but we barely did anything). I was able to apply to an orientation weekend for Southeast Asian Students, so in addition to the afternoon that most admitted students go to (Bruin Day itself), I was able to try out the dorm life, including eating various times at the highly ranked canteens there! It was SO MUCH FUN and I literally fell in love with the school 7 times over. And yes, the food is AMAZING as well– I almost died.

I traveled down south using the Amtrak train because I got a “scholarship” for transportation by that method, and although the ride was long and exhausting, I got to meet a lot of awesome fellow Bruins! Throughout the weekend, we did a lot of workshops that taught us everything, from learning the way around school, to possible part-time jobs that students could take up during the year. There was even a super fancy dinner where we go to meet and chat with UCLA graduates and a party/dance at night where we could just have fun and celebrate being admitted. We ended the 3 exciting, fun days with a tour of Westwood, where the school is located, and got to explore the city at night. I made so many amazing new friends, and I’m so, SO happy to be attending school there this fall. It has been my dream school for the longest time– I even cried when I got my acceptance letter!

UCLA is such a gorgeous school, and I feel so lucky each and every day! With the best location in the world (neighbors to Beverly Hills!!) and things to do everywhere, I cannot wait to start the next chapter of my life there in a few months. It’s going to be such a huge change but definitely will bring the life I’ve always dreamed of.


SoCal bound Aline xx



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