Senior Ball

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One of my closest friends, JENY!

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We’re both attending UCLA this fall, so I thought it was an appropriate time to start showing our school spirit! 🙂

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So this year, the venue for Senior Ball was… *drumroll*

                   ON A YACHT IN THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY!!!

Jeez, I cannot even begin to describe how the night went. In the afternoon, some of the girls and I got together to take the usual prom photoshoot together at Hayes Mansion and Palmia. Although the pics were still cute, I still liked Junior Year’s a lot better… it’s definitely alright though, because I experienced one of the best nights of my life.

Just one week before this day, I was in panic, rushing to find ANY dress to wear. It wasn’t that big of a deal to me, considering it was just one night. However, I did have really, really, high expectations, though, especially after ASB told the senior class that prom would be held on a yacht! I already suspected that I would be disappointed after the night was finished because there was no way our student government could pull off something so cool…but boy, was I wrong.

Excitement slowly built up the closer we got to San Francisco, and as the student mob slowly pushed forward onto the boat, we began to realize this was one of our last events as a class together. After our dinner (which was surprisingly good, too!), a few of my friends and I walked up the several flights of stairs and onto the deck to expose ourselves to the beautiful bay under the horizon. Gosh, I think someone hit me with a magical brick or something because I was in awe of the widespread ocean in front of my eyes– definitely a crazy moment. The picture below this text is obviously edited, but please believe me when I say this is actually how it looked in real life… mesmerizing. Looking back, I’m not sure why this moment in particular was so special, since I’ve been to SF numerous times. However, I think there was some sort of romantic vibe, especially with the sun setting while I was leaning against the railing and letting my hair flow freely, so I felt like a bird ready to take to flight for life after high school. (cheesy, I know)

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As the nighttime sky slowly engulfed the light, we passed by the Golden Gate Bridge and looked at its magnificent structure right next to the base. Again, I’ve seen the bridge way too often to be in awe of it, but for some reason, I was absolutely stunned by the majestic red glow of the ginormous bridge contrasting with the dark sea and sky. Let me tell you, this thing was HUGE. I literally could not take my eyes off of it and concentrated on remembering this moment so hard, so I would never forget how unreal it looked. Jeny, some other friends, and I chatted and laughed the night away while viewing the beauty of the bay, and I didn’t realize how sincerely happy and carefree I was until I looked back on some of these pictures my other friends snapped of us while we weren’t watching. I am still shocked by how magical this night was, and I am proud to say that Senior Ball exceeded my high expectations by more than I could ever imagine. I did fall in love with life a little more today, and I can’t thank you everyone who made my last prom possible enough.

Love you all,

Aline xx






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