Crashing a Rooftop Party


My friend Adeline and I decided to have a spontaneous girls’ night after we both took our usual, daily naps. We kind of dressed up, grabbed some heels, and ended up exploring much of Santana Row near Valley Fair Mall! I saw this really fancy hotel there from Yelp called the Valencia so we decided to go look around, and boy, was it beautiful. Everything, from the patio to the ceilings, was so luxurious, and I convinced Adz to go to the rooftop with me! There we saw a fun event going on around the Cielo Bar with bonfires and wine glasses being offered everywhere. Looking down at the cute streets and fancy boutiques was so nice as the evening was approaching. Eventually when we decided to leave, we found out that the party was for a girl named Anneth for her 21st birthday!! I died of laughter knowing that we were hanging out at a kind party so extravagant that I would probably never get invited to; however, it was definitely nice experiencing something more glamorous than my ordinary life, even if it was just for a bit. Adz and I ate at Pizza Antica for dinner, and the food was 5 stars! I always get the Alfredo sauce on my pizza because I’m not into tomato sauce for some reason, and the way the crust was rolled out made it even better. We both were confused as to why our salad wasn’t cut up, but the deliciousness convinced us to forgive the restaurant in a flash. We ended the night with some shopping at Urban Outfitters, and I think I spent a bit too much… Hopefully, that’s alright though, since I had so much fun being girly with one of my closest friends. 🙂

See ya later,

Aline xx


P.S. A few days later, my friend Jeny and I went to Santana Row again to eat and shop– we looked around at Tesla, Free People, and Anthropology, and I bought more clothes from Urban and H&M. Although one of my other friends hated Veggie Grill, I treated Jeny out to that restaurant, and we LOVED IT! I highly recommend the quinoa and sweet potato fries! (Jeny said the “chicken” burger was good, too.) (Also, my friend said it was probably just the mac ‘n cheese that wasn’t tasty.)


4 thoughts on “Crashing a Rooftop Party

  1. I love reading foodie suggestions, and can’t wait to try these out! All I hear about is how great Pizza Antica is, so I need to get there soon! Ya’ll are gorgeous and your pictures are fantastic. What kind of camera do you use? I look forward to following your posts!


    1. Hey girl, thank you! You’re even more gorgeous yourself!! Pizza Antica definitely amazing; however, you should definitely try Veggie Grill in that area too! (my fave ever!) In this post I just used my regular iPhone 6, but in some others I used a Nikon DSLR. I checked out your posts, and they’re so fun to read! I’m going in my first year of college this fall so your post about finishing your nursing major really helped 🙂

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      1. Aw you are too sweet!!!! Thank you so much for the suggestions. I cannot waiiiit to try them. And how exciting to be starting college!!’ I’m glad my post could encourage you! Soak up the next few years- it’s a great time. Xx

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