Santa Teresa Graduation

FullSizeRender (1)IMG_7251FullSizeRenderIMG_6068IMG_5197IMG_5218IMG_5221IMG_5229I am finally a Santa Teresa Alumna!!!! AHhhhhhh!!!!

If I’m going to be telling the truth here, graduation did not feel real at all; it just felt like we were still at practice and annoyed from sitting down for too long… haha. I had the honor of sitting on stage with the other valedictorians and read names for students as they walked up on stage to receive their diplomas! I didn’t mess up on any names (thankfully!!) but did stutter once, which I think isn’t too bad. 🙂 We took a lot of photos with family afterwards and went to Red Lobster (my sis and I always crave their biscuits) to have a good time. One funny thing was that I was almost late to graduation, so I didn’t have time to do my hair at all!! It was an awesome experience to look out at the crowd and feel proud and accomplish, but I actually preferred Honor Night to graduation. (first 3 pictures: May 17th) It was more sentimental, and every time someone walked up on stage, the stoles, cords, and medals were given, as well as the announcement of where the student was going for college. I think having the Honor Night more personal made it more memorable, but both were nights to cherish.

I clearly remember I was always in a hurry to finish high school already during junior & senior year, but as we got closer to the end, all I wanted was to extend the school year so I could have more fun, silly times with my friends. It’s crazy how the thought of leaving all the people you were so familiar with behind can hit you head-first so close to end, so that you barely have time to slow down and truly appreciate all the moments and memories. I think high school was definitely bittersweet, and though I do miss part of it when I look back, I’m glad it’s over so I can move on to an even more exciting time in my life.

See you soon,

Aline xx


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