Twin Lakes State Beach


My friends and I (12 of us) decided we needed a beach day to celebrate the start of summer and the end of our high school years! We went early in the morning to find good parking spots and got blankets, music, and a ukulele out for some fun. We also brought a ton of food to enjoy together, and I found out that very day that I hated this popular chili powder that everyone seemed to love to put all over their watermelon. While some people went to go play football and volleyball, my friend Sav and I stayed behind to watch all of our personal belongings and to draw hennas on each other! We ended up loving the outcome of the art, and decided to go take some pictures at a secluded cave nearby around 15 minutes walking distance from our original spot! We had a fun little photo shoot, and I posted just a few of my favorites. After all that hard work, we all decided to go to Betty’s Burgers (also in SC) to have lunch, and boy was it mouth-watering. It’s a pretty popular place so we were thankful the wait wasn’t too long! I’m so glad that I’ve been able to go to Santa Cruz a lot more often– I hope it gets a lot more warmer though haha. I hope we do it again soon before the weather gets cold again!



P.S. Get the sweet potato fries along with your main entree at Betty’s Burgers!! 😉


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