Panther Beach

image_27237345844_oimage_27747455162_oimage_27747443552_oimage_27747460512_oWe climbed on to one of the cliffs!! ^

image_27237352014_oimage_27237349274_oimage_27237348324_oimage_27747457252_oimage_27237353354_oimage_27747463512_oimage_27747444962_oFullSizeRender (2)image_27236449004_oimage_27236450494_o

When my friend and I saw this freaking gorgeous beach near Santa Cruz called Panther Beach on Instagram, we knew we had to go. It’s a much more seclusive and secretive beach, mainly due to the difficult hike down and rocky terrains before stepping foot onto the actual beach. The parking and roads are basically all on a cliff, so you can imagine how dramatic the descent was! We also used Yelp to gain some insight and tips on how to find the entrance, as it was more hidden. However, the beach was so clean and pristine, and it seems as if the sand was untouched until only very recently– it’s the most beautiful beach in California that I’ve ever visited!! Only a few people were basking in the sunlight, compared to the hundreds of people always packed at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. There’s also this cool arch engraved in the cliffs so the beach you first see is connected to another beach, and the waves crashing were freaking huge!! Though it was quite windy near the shore, my friend and I were both completely in awe by the serenity, so we will definitely be back very soon during even warmer weather.

After having a picnic at the beach (we bought salad, juice, fruits, and snacks at Trader Joe’s right before), we decided to stop by Penny Ice Creamery, a little ice cream shop famous for its toasted marshmallow topping! It was absolutely amazing and the place was so adorable, too. I want to take my little sister there because I know she’d fall in love with it in a second! 🙂

Overall, I am so glad we stumbled upon this beach; looking at the horizon while snacking on dried mangoes felt like absolute paradise and completely unreal. Though I want this destination to be less unknown to keep the beauty to myself, I know that everyone really should visit it sometime to share the vision with the world.

With love,

Aline xx


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