White Birks

IMG_6708IMG_6712I’m not sure why I look so mad… haha

IMG_6701IMG_6707IMG_6721Sorry for the insane amount of wrinkles and my no-makeup face hehe


I just got these new Birkenstock’s… and I love them!! I didn’t know what particular color to choose but I felt that white shoes always looked so clean-cut and fabulous. They definitely do make a statement, though. 🙂 I like how they are so easy to pair yet make you seem as if you had to carefully plan your outfit that day. In these pictures, I quickly (extremely quickly) paired it with a red off-the-shoulder romper from Pacsun I got for under $20! The color is much more gorgeous and vibrant in real life, but you can never go wrong with anything off-the-shoulder. I’m also obsessed with rompers and dresses because I absolutely DESPISE wearing pants…and even jean shorts! I used always wear leggings and yoga pants to school for comfort, but I’ve grown to dislike the way they look on me. In high school, I also used to have to plan at least one day of wearing jeans every week so I could have a tiny bit of variety in my outfits LOL!

When Birkenstock’s first became more trendy around this time last year, I originally hated them, to be quite honest. My friends and I thought they looked like old men’s or farmers’ shoes!! However, I guess with time, I started growing onto the style and really digged it– I hate myself for being so contradictory, but people change right? (LOL x2) Even now, when I really think about it, I still can’t really decide if I truly love the look of Birks or if I’m just fooling myself into liking them. It sounds embarrassingly ridiculous, but what can I say?

All in all, I think the way the 2 straps hold down the sandals look pretty cute, so I’ll be sure to wear them around often, if I can resist leaving my Rainbows for them. Who knows, maybe I’ll even purchase a different color soon!


Aline xx



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