Golden Gate Bridge

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Today my family and I spent the day in San Francisco, solely for appreciating the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge. I feel that every time we go to SF, we always get a photo with the bridge real quick, but we never stop the flow of going from place to place to fit in as many tourist spots as we can in one day. My family and I decided to walk the bridge (it was so much longer than we imagined by foot and we were extremely impressed… we only made it 3/4 way LOL) and it was insanely windy that day! My hair flicked back and forth nearly a hundred times and whipped both my dad and my sister in face!! It was so cool looking straight down into the water from the high elevation, and I remembered the way the bridge stood so proudly at night when it was lit up at night during my Senior Ball. (I have a post on it so you can check it out if you’d like 😉 ) I truly think it took more than a visit for me to admire the bridge in all different perspectives because each experience was always a little different than the rest.

After coming back to the GGB Visitor Center, we bought hot chocolate from the Gift Shop, and it was a treat to our ice cold bodies. The day was almost over and we still had to get home, so we decided that we could choose one last stop, in which I recommended Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (SUPER popular in SF & also very aesthetic), but it was CLOSED!!! I was so sad because I wanted to try the famous cruffins so bad and take a picture with the cool “I got baked in San Francisco” sign, but I guess that will just mean another city visit again soon. Once we did get home, we stopped at a cute plaza/shopping center where we each got what we wanted. I am literally always craving Chipotle or California rolls for some reason, so I ended up choosing sushi, while my parents and sister got Five Guys. It’s always a treat going out with family, and I know I’m going to miss these short trips so much next year. I’m so glad we went on this spontaneous trip; it was a day well spent!!

Much Love,

Aline xx


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