Sutro Baths, San Francisco

^ugh I need to stop using my phone all the time 😦

^I was so in love with the way there were 2 bodies of water on both sides of me

^had to jump over the fences (pretty terrifying actually) (don’t tell anyone) to get down to get this following photo:

Living in the Bay Area my whole life, I didn’t realize all the opportunities I had to go exploring– it was only recently that I became obsessed with visiting all the nooks and crannies of this beautiful and interesting place. This location, Sutro Baths of SF, is actually quite popular and well known now, but it’s history has not gotten one bit less interesting. Sutro Baths is on the west side of SF, near the Lands End area, and it used to be a crazy awesome indoor swimming pool!!! The wealthy came here to have fun, and it was very exquisite and extravagant; however, it soon costed too much to operate and maintain, so it had to be demolished…!! I actually searched it up on Wikipedia and found a lot of cool information, which just amazed me even more. As I walked along the used-to-be walls, I just imagined the tall glass walls of the room looking out towards the ocean, and all the hot tubs and pools that were held in each compartment. Here is what it used to look like:      <- how freaking cool??!

Coming here has just reminded me how much time can change things… in just a decade or so, the world we live in may not look anything like it looks today! I may be exaggerating a little, but I still remember when the shopping center near my house was still a forest with ginormous evergreens… Anyway, this place completely blew my mind when I just sat down on the broken cement and tried to imagine the glass ceilings and fancy pools, so I definitely recommend it!!

I also went to the Palace of Fine Arts afterwards, but did not take any photos 😦 It was so beautiful! I want to come back and have a photo shoot there someday 😉

Lastly, before going home, I stopped by a trendy restaurant called Lemonade; yes, their lemonades were amazing (the pink lemonade was the best in my opinion) but the pesto tomato mozzarella sandwich was out of this world!! I ordered that to-go and ate a salad there instead (it was okay) and ate the sandwich on the car ride to Sacramento the next day with my family. It’s a very cute place for lunch with your friends, and they have a *ton* of free samples, so remember to ask 🙂 I also do really recommend this place, as I will be coming here again!

Super excited about my recently newfound growing appreciation for San Francisco– see ya soon SF!


Aline xx



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